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The masterpieces on this website present compelling images and information that allow the telling of forceful stories. Stories that draw attention to the similarities and differences between civilizations.

Stories that enhance mutual understanding of cultural differences and highlight similarities. Stories that stimulate dialogue between peoples and illuminate their histories. In this section of the VCM website, the museums present these stories in the form of virtual exhibitions and presentations, that will appeal to a worldwide audience of the curious.

  • 4Story

    Made in Japan
    Made in Japan Renate Noda (curator for the Asian collections in the Viennese Museum of Ethnology) has created this exhibition which is presented in Vienna from 22 April to 28 September 2009. To commemorate the 2009 Japan year, which marks the 140-year jubilee of the commencement of official relatio...
  • 3Story

    Sovereign Splendour
    Sovereign Splendour Imperial porcelain from Shanghai Only the best was ever good enough for the court of imperial China. It had its own special factories using the highest quality porcelain, the most virtuoso craftsmen and the finest pigments to produce the crème de la crème of Chines...
  • 2Story

    Cultural dynamics and diversity of Sumatra: the New Museum project
    Cultural dynamics and diversity of Sumatra: the New Museum project Since 2004, Museum Nasional Indonesia in Jakarta, and Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden, the Netherlands, have worked closely together in several projects. The purpose of this cooperation is sharing knowledge about the collections of Ind...
  • 1Story

    A Passage to Asia
    A Passage to Asia 25 Centuries of Exchange between Asia and Europe To mark the 8th ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) summit, the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels is presenting an exhibition (from 25 June 2010 until 10 October 2010) that looks at the historical, philosophical, economic, and cultural links ...
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