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01 November 2016
National Museum of Mongolia







The origins of the National Museum of Mongolia date back to 1924, when the first collections were begun for a national museum, whose building no longer stands. The present building of the National Museum of Mongolia was built in 1971, when it was erected as the Museum of the Revolution. In 1991, the ethnography, prehistory, and medieval history collections of the Central Museum were combined with the 20th century historical materials at the Museum of the Revolution to creat the collections of the Naitonal Museum of Mongolia. In 2008, the Mongolian Governmnet declared the National Museum of Mongolia as the national training provider, making it the key institution in the nation for research and training.



|  Prehistory of Mongolia |  Ancient States    
|  Traditional Clothing and Jewelry |  Mongolian Empire |  Traditional Culture of Mongolia |  Traditional Life of Mongolia
|  17-Early 20th Century Mongolia  |  Socialist Mongolia 1921-1900 |  Democratic Mongolia 1990-  




*The 14th story of VCM was made with the contribution from the National Museum of Mongolia. 


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