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Geoje Museum
Geoje City, Korea, Republic of
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In the 1970s, a dockyard was constructed on Geoje Island and since then the size of the city expanded rapidly, and the culture of industrial complex and foreign culture were introduced. As a result, it experienced much confusion in terms of its identity. Accordingly, people saw a need for internal and mental maturity which would keep in step with external growth. To inspire local residents with pride on the history and culture of Geoje and to provide incoming people an opportunity to become aware of and respect the culture and history of Geoje, Mr. Suwon Hwang, the director of this Museum, discussed with Mr. Wujoong Kim, the then chairman of Daewoo Group, from 1990 and established the Foundation for Geoje Culture. Geoje Museum opened on December 21, 1991 and today, as of 2010, it has a history of approximately 20 years and possesses approximately 3,000 objects in its collection. The Museum became the country's second registered museum and the first registered museum in Gyeongsangnam-do Province. The Special Exhibition Hall located on the first floor presents a general procedure and experience on excavation. By exhibiting excavation tools and methods, various reports, and restored objects and an experience gallery of the process of excavation, it was set up to encourage interest and curiosity about the museum and archaeology. The Folklore Exhibition Hall on the second floor exhibits folk materials from prior to the 1970s. There are not only porcelain and paintings besides general folk items, but also many pieces of furniture that has moved from one house which disappeared after the dockyard was built in Geoje Island. The third floor exhibits pottery, ironware, earthenware, stoneware, shells, and others helping visitors to see the history of Geoje in one view. It displays in chronological order objects dating back as far as the Neolithic Period. Mr. Suwon Hwang, the director of this Museum, was awarded the Pride of Museum Professional Prize by the Korean Museum Association in 2005. The Honorary Director, Mr. Mangyu Jo was also awarded the same prize in 2009. Thus the Museum has a record of winning the prize twice.

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1565 Okpo 2-dong 
Geoje City
Korea, Republic of 
Suwon Hwang 




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