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Hanyang University Museum
Seoul, Korea, Republic of
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The Hanyang University Museum, a complex cultural art space and the core cultural organization in the community, was established to become a proud center of cultural knowledge that seeks and creates a place for preserving world cultural heritages. The Museum, which was built in 1990, received the Cultural Arts Grand Award in architecture as a compliment to its beauty by the Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organizations of Korea. Currently, the museum preserves a total of 12,000 relics. In 2003, over 10,000 natural history related relics were donated to Hanyang University ERICA campus and this donation contributed to the establishment of an independent museum in 2005. Now, each campus has a museum. In the archeology history room on the 5th floor, Misari relics of the prehistoric period, which Hanyang univeristy museum excavated in 1979, are displayed. These relics are displayed in geographical and chronological order. In the traditional craftwork room on the 4th floor, carefully selected ceramic wares, paintings and writings, folk-craft articles exhibit the essence of Korean beauty and delicate craft of our ancestors. The 3rd floor, designed to hold special exhibitions for various themes, is comprised of 3 galleries; the Special exhibition room with gross floor area of 330m2, the Paiknam Memorial room where materials related to Dr. Kim Lyun Joon, the founder of Hanyang University are displayed, and the History of Hanyang University room that presents the history of Hanyang. Founded in 1939, Hanyang University, which was founded in 1939, has been seeking to take another leap forward. The 2nd floor is equipped with complex cultural facilities such as a seminar room that can hold up to 120 people, and an Interactive Experience Room. Various cultural events and scientific conferences have been taken place at the seminar room while educational programs for children and general public have been running in the Interactive Experience Room. In addition, Hanyang University Museum holds special exhibitions more than twice a year. Also, it has been showing cultural heritage films about exploration on every other Thursday for the past 4 years. For permanent exhibitions, the museum offers social education programs such as Kids Traditional Culture Experience School, and Exhibitions related to education.

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17 Haengdan-Dong, Seongdong-Gu; 133-791 
Korea, Republic of 
Lee, Seock Kyu(Director) 




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