One or the most spectacular monuments of the Buddhists and of mankind

Discover the hidden secrets

Use the interactive map to view
the Borobudur’s underground base
and discover the many hidden
reliefs and their stories.
Built on the island of Java around 800 CE, it was neglected when the political and cultural centre was moved to the eastern region of Java around 920 CE. Its heydays may have been over, but there are reasons to believe that it has not been forgotten by the rulers, the elites and the population.

It was probably under the jurisdiction of the Majapahit kings during the 14th – 16th centuries, even when the sectarian orientation of the users of the monument had obviously changed.

The monument was discovered by Europeans during the early 19th century, became intensively admired, studied then restored twice, during 1909-1911 and again during 1971 – 1978. Two centuries of scholarly researches, discussions, speculations, and conjectures have elapsed. And yet, Borobudur has not revealed all its secrets and meanings.

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